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Time, Temporality, Now © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1997 24 Joachim Klose ture. Whitehead delivers two similiar formulations of such a bifurcation (CN, p. 26ff), which he both rejects categorically: 1. the distinction between the events of nature and the events as they are formulated in scientific theories; 1 2. the distinction between the events of nature as they exist by themselves and as they appear to us. 2 The first concept of bifurcation maintains a pure conceptual existence of physical entities.

308) "Each actuality is essentially bipolar, physical and mental ... " (PR, p. 108) Every actual occasion is a spatio-temporal unit which possesses an indivisible volume and time quantum. Coordinate divisibility provides that each actual occasion is composed of a number of subordinated actual occasions. But "just as, for some purposes, one atomic actuality can be treated as though it were many coordinate actualities, in the same way, ... a nexus of many actualities can be treated as though it were one actuality" (PR, p.

Part of the complexity is the echo of the objects just past, and, to a lesser degree, perhaps, the foretaste of those just to arrive" (James 1890, p. 606). He also states that we have a constant feeling sui generis (James 1890, p. 605) of the past. James notices, like Locke, that a constant stream of ideas passes through our mind. 606). But if we look at our idea of the time-stream, what are we talking about when we talk about the present? What does it mean when we say "now", as if to capture the present moment?

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