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However, at the end of some trials, the extruder has been stopped manually and opened, in order to recover the matter remaining on the screws, in each section of the barrel. This was then weighed, and its dry weight calculated. In addition, green filtrates were centrifuged at 4000 g for 20 min at room temperature (Sigma 6K15 centrifuge), in order to eliminate solid particles and obtain a clear brown juice that would be submitted to further treatment in order to separate and purify proteins. 1. Screw Profile 2 First of all, twin-screw extrusion trials were carried out with screw profile 2, using the second batch of plant material.

Rigal, L. (2005). Extraction of sunflower oil by twin screw extruder: screw configuration and operating condition effects. Bioresour. , 97, 2302-2310. Kiel, P. (2000). Integrated utilisation of green biomass in the green biorefinery. Industrial Crops and Products, 11, 129-137. E. (1988). Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (rubisco) from green leaves-potential as a food protein. Food Rev. , 4, 93-127. J. (1998). Twin screw extrusion of pink salmon muscle and rice flour blends: effects of kneading elements.

Y. Pontalier Figure 12. Influence of screw profile on: (a) Solid residue dry matter, (b) Protein extraction yield, (c) Protein flow rate in the filtrate. 33 Twin-Screw Extrusion Technology Table 7. 0510 No Yes p-Value Solid residue dry matter (%) Protein extraction yield in the filtrate (%) Protein flow rate in the filtrate (kg/h) Protein content of the filtrate (%/MS) % loss of protein during centrifugation Protein extraction yield in the centrifuged juice (%) From these results and Figure 12, it is possible to conclude that the best screw profiles tested for alfalfa dehydration are profiles 3 and 4, for the second alfalfa batch.

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