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Вокруг имени Александра Македонского сложилось множество легенд. Эта работа представляет собой подборку исследований крупных западных историков, в которых производится попытка отделить правду от вымысла.

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Dio Cassius (Cassius Dio), ca. a hundred and fifty– 235 CE, was once born at Nicaea in Bithynia in Asia Minor. at the loss of life of his father (Roman governor of Cilicia) he went in one hundred eighty to Rome, entered the Senate, and lower than the emperor Commodus was once an suggest. He held excessive places of work, turning into a detailed buddy of a number of emperors.

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46 Brian Bosworth cannot have allowed any variant to stand in the record. The Spaniards are even more explicit, most of all Cortés, who put in Montezuma’s mouth what is almost a classical foundation myth, reminiscent of the return of the Heraclidae. His people, he says, were brought into the Valley of Mexico by an overlord, who was in due course rejected by the Aztecs and disappeared into the east. Since Cortés and his men come from the rising sun and claim to be the servants of a great lord, they are clearly the descendants of the Aztec foundation hero and the Aztecs are their vassals.

If not, they will be reduced to slavery. ‘By making slaves of this barbarous people, who are almost savages, Your Majesty will be served 57 In the debate at Valladolid Sepúlveda was to harp upon the practices of human sacrifice, cannibalism, and idolatry as proof of Indian inferiority and justification of the Spanish conquest: ‘How can we doubt that these people, so uncivilized, so barbaric, so contaminated with so many sins and obscenities . . have been justly conquered by such an excellent, pious, and most just king .

6. 23. 1, a very dry and succinct statement of the difficulties: ØdÏn calep¶n ka≥ £poron t-n ƒpithde≤wn, t-n te £llwn ka≥ Œdwr pollacoı t∫ strati9 oÛk Án: åll¤ n»ktwr ]nagk3zonto g[n poll¶n pore»esqai. 32 Arr. 6. 23. 4–5. 33 Recounted in a context dominated by Nearchus in Strabo 15. 2. 5–6 (721–2) with the statement of motivation (below, n. 43) anticipated at 15. 1. 5 (686) and ascribed directly to Nearchus. The same material is found, more rhetorically elaborated, in Arr. 6. 24. 1–27. 1, and again Nearchus is mentioned as a source (6.

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