Raymond Y. N. Ho, Joel F. Liebman, Joan Selverstone's Active Oxygen in Chemistry PDF

By Raymond Y. N. Ho, Joel F. Liebman, Joan Selverstone Valentine (auth.), Christopher S. Foote, Joan Selverstone Valentine, Arthur Greenberg, Joel F. Liebman (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0751403717

ISBN-13: 9780751403718

ISBN-10: 9400708742

ISBN-13: 9789400708747

Taking an interdisciplinary strategy, this booklet and its counterpart, Active Oxygen in Biochemistry, discover the lively study region of the chemistry and biochemistry of oxygen. Complementary yet self sustaining, the 2 volumes combine topic parts together with medication, biology, chemistry, engineering, and environmental studies.

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3 of this series. We conclude our discussion with the organic peroxides (Swern, 1981; Ando, 1992; Patai, 1983). The characteristic feature of all organic peroxides is the presence of an 0-0 bond. These peroxides are classified according to the number and kind of organic functional groups attached to the oxygen atoms (see Fig. 1-4). Several classes of organic peroxides were mentioned above as products of reactions between oxygen oxidants and organic substrates. For example, in the reaction between 0 3 and olefins, ozonides, which are cyclic peroxides, are formed.

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Active Oxygen in Chemistry by Raymond Y. N. Ho, Joel F. Liebman, Joan Selverstone Valentine (auth.), Christopher S. Foote, Joan Selverstone Valentine, Arthur Greenberg, Joel F. Liebman (eds.)

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