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By David Nicolle

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Osprey's examine of the conflict at Acre, one of many final campaigns of the Crusages (1095-1291). In April 1291, a Mamluk military laid siege to Acre, the final nice Crusader citadel within the Holy Land. for 6 weeks, the siege dragged on until eventually the Mamluks took the outer wall, which have been breached in numerous locations. the army Orders drove again the Mamluks briefly, yet 3 days later the interior wall used to be breached. King Henry escaped, however the bulk of the defenders and many of the voters perished within the battling or have been offered into slavery. The surviving knights fell again to their castle, resisting for ten days, until eventually the Mamluks broke via. This booklet depicts the dramatic cave in of this nice citadel, whose dying marked the tip of the Crusades within the Holy Land.

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