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By Kim Etingoff

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The government's authorized them. you do not need a prescription. you may get them at essentially any marketplace. So, there is evidently no risk in over the counter medicines, right?Wrong.The easy truth is that once taken in methods except as directed, over the counter drugs could be simply as risky as many unlawful medicinal drugs. and since there is a fake experience of protection concerning the drugs - and since they're in nearly everyone's domestic drugs cupboard - the abuse and misuse of over the counter medicinal drugs are at the rise.''Abusing over the counter medicines: Illicit makes use of for daily Drugs'' offers the evidence approximately this alarming trend.Readers will research what medications are such a lot misused, the consequences of misused over the counter medicinal drugs, and what the govt. is doing to stem the matter. Readers also will locate feedback on the way to get support to forestall abusing over the counter medicinal drugs.

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If teenagers don’t know that they can get high off of cough medicines, pain relievers, and allergy medications, they aren’t likely to open up the medicine cabinet and abuse them. Another important reason that DXM abuse is not more widespread is that not everyone who tries to get high off it enjoys it. Many people who do try remember it as a bad experience that isn’t worth repeating. They find that the negative effects of DXM, such as nausea, headaches, and itching, are a disincentive to continue to use cough products to get high.

In all, 107 people died (mostly children) from taking Elixir Sulfanilamide. Why? The chemists who developed the elixir knew that sulfanilamide could not be dissolved in water so they used a different, untested liquid in which to dissolve the helpful drug. That liquid, which became the base for the new liquid medication, was called diethylene glycol. It was much like what we use in automobile antifreeze today. The liquid used to carry a beneficial drug to bacterial infections poisoned those who took it.

Most clinical trials test drugs on only a few hundred to several thousand people. A serious reaction that occurs once in twenty-five thousand times or once in fifty thousand may be missed in these studies. That side effect might remain unknown until tens or hundreds of thousands of people—a number far greater than the average number of people involved in clinical trials—have used the drug. Though they endeavor to do so, the FDA and drug manufacturers can’t anticipate every possible side effect of a drug in every person.

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