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Unlike the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis), the nail does not have a layer beneath it comparable to the granular layer of the skin. Instead, there is a cementing substance that keeps the nails fastened to the nail bed. If the nail gets separated from the underlying nail bed, a granular layer can form. This can make it difficult for the nail to reattach. Nails grow at the rate of. 1 millimeter a day, or roughly one-third as fast as hair grows. 1 millimeter a day, or roughly one-third as fast as hair grows.

There they are compacted and, after another two weeks, they are shed. Thus, the usual turnover time of the epidermisthe time it takes for cells to migrate from the basal cell layer to the point of being shed from the stratum corneumis about one month. The Dermis The second layer of the skin, the dermis, varies in thickness from one to four millimeters. It is thickest on the back of the body and Page 12 thinnest on the palm of the hand. The dermis is made up of three different types of skin fibers: collagen, reticulum, and elastin.

Unfortunately, the study could not give a reason for this intriguing result. Was it a difference in work habits, sun exposure, or stress, or what? Until another research project deals specifically with those issues, we simply won't know. (Again, this is very typical of how science moves ahead. ) Definite differences exist between the sexes with respect to skin temperature. A woman's skin reacts more strongly than a man's to changes in the temperature in the external environment. For example, when immersed in cold water, women's skin cools more rapidly than men's.

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