Carole M. Counihan's A Tortilla Is Like Life: Food and Culture in the San Luis PDF

By Carole M. Counihan

ISBN-10: 0292719817

ISBN-13: 9780292719811

Situated within the southern San Luis Valley of Colorado, the distant and comparatively unknown city of Antonito is domestic to an overwhelmingly Hispanic inhabitants suffering not just to exist in an economically depressed and politically marginalized sector, but additionally to maintain their tradition and their lifeways. among 1996 and 2006, anthropologist Carole Counihan accumulated food-centred existence histories from nineteen Mexicanas - Hispanic American ladies - who had long-standing roots within the higher Rio Grande sector. The interviews during this groundbreaking examine serious about southern Colorado Hispanic foodways - ideals and behaviors surrounding nutrients construction, distribution, practise, and intake. during this e-book, Counihan good points wide excerpts from those interviews to offer voice to the ladies of Antonito and spotlight their views. 3 strains of inquiry are framed: feminist ethnography, Latino cultural citizenship, and Chicano environmentalism. Counihan records how Antonito's Mexicanas determine a feeling of position and belonging via their wisdom of land and water and use this data to maintain their households and groups. ladies play a big position via gardening, canning, and drying greens; being profitable to shop for foodstuff; cooking; and feeding relations, acquaintances, and acquaintances on traditional and festive events. They use meals to solder or holiday relationships and to precise contrasting emotions of concord and generosity, or enmity and envy. The interviews during this e-book exhibit that those Mexicanas are creative prone whose nutrients paintings contributes to cultural survival.

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She expressed a strong spiritual connection to and respect for the land. Monica held many jobs, including police officer and waitress. For the 18 A T O R T I L L A I S L I K E L I F E past several years she had worked as a nurse’s aide in a local hospital. She quit to become a long-distance truck driver with her husband, Kevin, but then decided that life on the road was not for her and went back into health care and then police work. She was articulate, funny, and generous in word and deed. I met seventy-year-old Asuncionita Mondragon at a birthday party for her grandson Anthony and interviewed her twice at my home.

He said that. ” But those kinds of things are subtle, and yet you turn around and he is one of our best friends. But there’s some truth to the saying that what comes out of your mouth is indeed what’s in your heart. Teddy’s story testified to the complexities of identity and prejudice within the Hispanic community. When she said prejudice against women was “sort of natural in a way,” she emphasized how deep-rooted it was. Fur- Identity and Ethnicity in Antonito 37 thermore, she experienced intertwining prejudice—being female, Hispanic, and Presbyterian—which demonstrated that even within her own Hispanic community she was sometimes an outsider.

But some liked to show off what they had. [They called them] lambes. . To this day you’ll go, “Eh, a bunch of lambes” [laughs]. You know, like a lick-ass? That’s what they are. Lambes. ” That’s a lambe. ” You can have five hundred Mexicanos in one room. And there’s eight gringos in that room. And these Mexicanos are trying to get ahead. The other Mexicanos will pull you down. They will not let you get ahead. I can’t figure out why. Instead of boosting your own raza to go ahead, get up there, make the best you can.

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