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By Julie Lindquist

ISBN-10: 0195140370

ISBN-13: 9780195140378

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ISBN-13: 9780195140385

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ISBN-13: 9780195302554

Linguists became more and more drawn to reading how category tradition is socially developed and maintained via spoken language. Julie Lindquist's exam of the linguistic ethnography of a working-class bar in Chicago is a crucial and unique contribution to the sphere. She examines how typical buyers argue approximately political matters as a way to create a bunch identification headquartered round political ideology. She additionally indicates how their political arguments are literally a rhetorical style, one that creates a fragile stability among team harmony and person id, in addition to a tenuous and ambivalent feel of sophistication identification.

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As far as the boss is concerned, a good bartender is one who knows, above all, how to be attractive to her male patrons. But what any bartender knows is that it is hard to be a good bartender by any definition in painful shoes. A Smokehouse bartender’s first dilemma—something sometimes harder to resolve than bar quarrels—is how to reconcile the private self with the public one. I can’t seem to figure out what to do with my hair. The ponytail makes me look less like an English teacher than like a teenage gymnast.

That’s what everybody needed. I could see if we all wanted Grasshoppers or something, but . . ” I tell her I haven’t. Bartending, like waitressing, has a heavy turnover. Except for a faithful few, most bartenders last only a couple of weeks, or even days. The “new girl” may well be gone—complaints to Perry will get her fired, or she’ll simply stop showing up—before I ever have a chance to meet her (a lot depends on how the customers—and the waitresses—take to her). Or perhaps she will have trouble at home—babysitter trouble, or, even worse, man trouble.

Makes sense. ” We both laugh. ” Whenever Jack comes in while I’m working the bar, the others know he’ll try to “push my buttons” and that they can expect a good argument. Often, Arly will raise potentially volatile issues to try to provoke an argument between Jack and me. Occasionally these arguments will become hostile, but these hostilities usually resolve themselves into jokes. The line between war and play, thin as a hair, is often approached, if infrequently crossed. Only once, when I was new to the bar, Jack had argued with me in a way I could not interpret to mean anything but outright hostility.

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