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Very little fresh coinage was put into circulation in the reign of Augustus, and by the time of Caligula the It now, issue of local money had entirely stopped. however, recommenced, and considerable issues of the debased silver tetradrachms, which served as the Alexandrian stater, were made. Still larger quantities were struck under Nero indeed, so numerous were the coins then put into circulation, that in the hoards of the succeeding century they habitually form one-half of the ; total sum/ 153 NERO.

AUGUSTUS. D. Alexandria SokNikopolis. nopaiou Ncsos peribolos of temple of outside Soknopaios. Tentyra: hypostyle, back wall, east and west walls of great temple of Isis Typhonium. temple Koptos: small chapel. Philas: east wall, temple K east and north walls, temple Talmis J. Debot west wall of temple. temple. duri front wall of temple. Pselkis pronaos completed. [In almost all the cases where the name of Augustus appears on buildings, it merely shows that a work previously Buildings. : : ; ; ; : : : begun was small chapel at Koptos have been entirely is built in being* carried on.

54-68. Buildings. Karanis propylon of temple of Pnepheros. Tentyra: east wall, colonnades, and columns of great temple. Koptos: temple of Ptolemy XIII. Ombos : west colonnade. [The only building of Nero which appears to have been more than a continuation of previous work is the propylon at Karanis, which may have been erected wholly in : this reign,] Inscriptions. Hieroglyphic Petrie, Koptos, xxvi, 9. D. iv. 79, 80 ; Demotic L. D. G. iii. A. 144. c vii. G. No. 10 Petrie, 99, p. F. Report, 1895-96, p.

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