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By Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid Marsot

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Автор - профессор истории Ближнего и Среднего Востока Калифорнийского Университета - в своей книге даёт краткий курс истории Египта - от завоевания государства арабами, через эпоху мамлюков, объединение Египта в Османской империи, либеральные эксперименты в конституционном правительстве в начале двадцатого столетия, продолжившиеся в годы Насера и Садата, до настоящего времени, характеризующегося появлением новых политических партий, укреплением исламского фундаментализма и постепенного изменения отношения к женщинам.Образцы сканов:

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A terrible famine coupled with a low Nile in 1065 ushered in seven years of dreadful want. Famines so severe that people allegedly resorted to cannibalism were followed by years of plague in a wellestablished pattern of misery that was to repeat itself on later occasions. Entire households died within twenty-four hours. The enormous wealth that al-Mustansir had accumulated, or inherited, after years of rule was totally dissipated by the soldiers who looted the palace and forced their caliph to sell his treasures in order to give them money.

We can tell that from the many lovely monuments they left behind, and from the buildings and the fine objets d’art that date from that period. The rise and fall of Burgi sultans mirrored the internal turmoil that beset the country. The country was frequently beset by revolts, and racked by plague that was followed inexorably by famine. Maqrizi, the most notable historian of the period, claimed that all evil that occurred was due to the corruption and incompetence of the rulers. He accused their government of a lack of continuity which led to political unrest and to turmoil, resulting from the struggles among the amirs as they jockeyed for power every time one of the sultans died, or even when the amirs tired of one sultan and sought to displace him in favour of another who promised them greater spoils.

The northern regions (the Syrian provinces closest to the Ottoman boundaries) became the governorate of Aleppo. The southern areas centred round Damascus formed the second province, while Egypt, with Cairo as its capital, became the third province or governorate. Khair was appointed governor for life as a vassal of the sultan rather than as a provincial governor on yearly tenure, the usual Ottoman practice. The revenues of Egypt were granted to him as a tax-farm, although the country had to pay a tribute as well.

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