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By Gordon W. Gribble and John A. Joule (Eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9780080454078

Development in Heterocyclic Chemistry (PHC), is an annual evaluate sequence commissioned via the foreign Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry (ISHC). Volumes within the sequence include either highlights of the former year's literature on heterocyclic chemistry and articles on new constructing subject matters of specific curiosity to heterocyclic chemists. The spotlight chapters in quantity 20 are all written by way of top researchers of their box and those chapters represent a scientific survey of the real unique fabric stated within the literature of heterocyclic chemistry in 2007. extra articles during this quantity assessment '2-Indolylacyl radicals within the synthesis of indole compounds' and 'Cascade reactions of carbonyl ylides for heterocyclic synthesis'.

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M. K. K. Ghosh, Org. Org. Lett. 2001,3,3321. 2001, 3, 3321. e. 2001,1878. 1878. C. Bolm, O. Simic, Simic, M. Martin, Synlett 2001, A. Ryokawa, H. Togo, Tetrahedron 2001, 57, 5915. W. Ogilvie, R. Deziel, J. Naud, lJ. O'Meara, WO 2002076982, 2002; Chern. Chem. , 137, 263074. Recent progress in the chemistry chemistry of2,1-benzothiazines of 2,1-benzothiazines 02MI2 02MI3 02SL832 03ARK11 03ARKII 03JA5754 03JOC9574 03JSMC349 03MI1 03Mll 03OBC1342 030BC1342 030L427 03OL427 03TL726I 03TL7261 04JA96 04MI1 04Mll 04OL2201 040L2201 04SL101 04SLIOI 04TL5233 05OL3581 050L3581 05TL3847 06JOC3650 43 I.

PseudopteroX8zoie pseudopteroxazole Figure 11. Natural product targets. Pseudopteroxazole 211 is a member of the amphilectane class of diterpenes and was isolated from a marine soft coral Pseudopterogorgia Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae elisabethae <990L527>. <99OL527>. M tuberculosis Pseudopteroxazole 211 possesses considerable inhibitory activity against M. tuberculosis H j1g/mL (97% growth inhibition). 5 problems with respect to the treatment of tuberculosis, both the structure of 211 and its biological activity provide an impetus for syntheis.

R2 R2 1. ) 2. H+ • pTol 190 1 191: 191: RR1, R2, R33 = = H, H, alkyl, alkyl, cycloalkyl cycloalkyl 1, R z. R 67-92% 67-92% Scheme Scheme 52 33 Recent progress in the chemistry of of 2,l-benzothiazines 2,I-benzothiazines The Hannata Harmata group <95TL4769> also used the reductive desulfurization of 2,1benzothiazines to produce 2-alkenylanilines 192 in good yields (Scheme 53). 53). This method is quite general, regioselective and stereoselective in some cases. R1 R R~1 + ~ R 2 +~R2 R~ ~H Na/Hg Na/Hg,.

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