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By Jörg Rüpke

ISBN-10: 1405129433

ISBN-13: 9781405129435

A complete therapy of the numerous symbols and associations of Roman faith, this better half locations a number of the spiritual symbols, discourses, and practices, together with Judaism and Christianity, right into a better framework to bare the sprawling panorama of the Roman faith.

  • An cutting edge advent to Roman faith
  • Approaches the sector with a spotlight at the human-figures rather than the gods
  • Analyzes non secular alterations from the 8th century BC to the fourth century advert
  • Offers the 1st historical past of non secular motifs on cash and household/everyday utensils
  • Presents Roman faith inside its cultural, social, and historic contexts

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At least from the fourth century bc onward, Rome organized an aggressive and efficient military apparatus, managing hegemony and expansion first within Italy, then within the Mediterranean basin, finally as far as Scotland, the northern German lowland plain, the southern Carpathians, the coast of the Black Sea, Armenia, Arabia, and the northern edge of the Sahara. Preliminary to that was the orchestrated growth of the Roman nobility through the immigration of Italian elites. These processes had consequences for the shape of religion at Rome.

In the aftermath of the expansion by Alexander the Great (d. 323 bc) and on the basis of the earlier establishment of Greek ports and trading centers on Mediterranean coastlands, this Hellenistic culture had developed techniques of delocalization, of universalizing ancient Greek traditions. It offered grids of history, a mythic geography that could integrate places and societies like Rome and the Romans. Greeks thought Romans to be Trojans long before Romans discovered the usefulness of being Trojans in talking with Greeks.

Internal coherence is produced by genealogical bonds or institutions by analogy to political ones: a council of the gods, for instance. For Greece, the omnipresence of the Homeric poems gives plausibility to the idea that local deities were thought to act within or supplement the circle of the around twelve most important gods, even if these were not present in the form of statues or individually owned ACTC01 24/04/2007 04:48PM Page 5 Roman Religion – Religions of Rome 5 temples. For Rome and Italy this plausibility is lacking.

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