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By Donna M. Stringer

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Ultimately, a whole handbook of actions dedicated to values exploration. The authors have written and tailored sound, ready-to-use actions for settings the place the exploration of price variations will be valuable: the place of work, the school room, human assets courses, ESL sessions, company variety education and others.

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Use a second flipchart to record the behaviors identified for encouraging cross-cultural understanding. Debriefing Questions 1. What happened? Where was it easiest for your small group to agree on stereotypes, values, or behaviors? Most difficult? Why? 2. S. and those of the observers' countries) that the group identified? How do you feel about your group's reactions to the statements or stereotypes? How do you feel when you are stereotyped for any reason? When you find yourself stereotyping someone else?

American culture. 2. Bring the group back together and ask each pair to share one or more of its selected sentences, values, and ideas about the source of the value. Debriefing Questions 1. Which statements or values were easier or more difficult to choose between? Why? 2. How easy was it to speculate about the origins of values? Why? 3. Were there differences between the contrasting statements that generated strong feelings in you or in your partner? 4. What values of yours might have affected your decision making?

3. Recognition of the differences provides an opportunity to maximize the benefits of differences and minimize the challenges within an organization. Organizations in Cultural Perspective Worksheet For each of the six statements, please circle the response that best represents your feeling (SA = strongly agree; A = agree; N = neutral; D = disagree; SD = strongly disagree). 1. Most managers have a clear notion of what we call an organizational structure. 2. The main reason for having a hierarchical structure is so that everyone knows who has authority over whom.

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